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Events, screenings and workshops. 

Seaweed Light Traces Workshop. Between the Deep Blue. Gasworks London. (2022)


Hiding Places (2021) Alchemy Film Festival, Official 2022 selection. Scotland. 28 – 30 April 22. ‘Hiding Places’ Short Film (2021)


DIVERSIONS, Review. Parsec, Bologna. April (2022) Hiding Places (2021)

Foraging & Photography Workshop. Artist talk and generative workshop. Building Bloqs. Dec (2021)

Sensorial Landscapes: The Marine Frontier Symposium & Exhibition. Nov (2021) Online screening and Artist Talk.  Hiding Places (2021) 

EFN Film Festival 2021 Selection. Experimental programme. Sept (2021) Hiding Places (2021) 

Film Free and Easy, CUT and SHUT. Primary Studios.  Screening and Q&A. 'Waste Exchange Collaborative Film Assemblage' (2021)

Matts Gallery London. Mattflix. Not long but very good programme. Screening. Sept (2021) Hiding Places. (2021)

Hiding Places (2021) Cromwell Place, London. RCA 2021. Gallery 7. 21 -25 July. 

Waste Exchange, Super 8 Workshop. (2021) Cromwell Place, London. RCA 2021. Courtyard. 24 July. 3pm - 5pm.

Shifting Ecologies of Photochemical Film Conference, Aberystwyth University. Digesting Filmic Fragments: Internal Encounters with Analogue Film. Artist Talk & Generative Workshop. (2021)  10 June. 7pm.

Modest Shelters (2021) The Feelies: Sensory Screens, Online Exhibition. 14 May. 


Mudshrimp (2021) Everything Forever Radio Show, Montez Press Radio. 25 March. 7pm. 

Mudshrimp (2021) Everything Forever, Exhibition. 8 - 26 March.

Random Acts Presents. Horse Hospital. Screening. 'Transfigure' (2017)

Stop Play Record. Screening and Q&A. Kingston University. 'Transfigure' (2017)

Stop Play Record. Screening. ICA. 'Transfigure' (2017)

Channel 4, Random Acts. Youtube. Transfigure' (2017)

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