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Waste Exchange. (2021)
A series of events, screenings and workshops. 


Gut Fantasy (2021) 
Series of still digital and analogue 3D sculptures. 


Hiding Places (2021) 
Short Film, Super 8 & Digital media assembladge. 

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Modest Shelters (2021) 
Short Film, Super 8 & Digital scans. 

Gullet Formations (2020) 

Digital sculptures

that'swhere theygo.jpg

The Matter of Sifting (2021) 
Photo series with text.

Mudshrimp (2021) 

Online installation, Analogue Image & Sound works. 

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Yeti, feeo (2019) 

Music Video

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Transfigure (2017)

Experimental Short, (2.52 mins) HD Video. Random Acts.

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Resemblance (2016)

Video installation (2.38 min loop) VTR displayed on 2 4:3 monitors, perspex. 

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