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Howgate Wonder (2023) 
Short Film, Super 8 & Digital media assembladge. 

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Waste Exchange. (2021)
A series of events, screenings and workshops. 


Hiding Places (2021) 
Short Film, Super 8 & Digital media assembladge. 


Gut Fantasy (2021) 
Series of still digital and analogue 3D sculptures. 

that'swhere theygo.jpg

The Matter of Sifting (2021) 
Photo series with text.

Modest Shelters (2021) 
Short Film, Super 8 & Digital scans. 

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Yeti, feeo (2019) 

Music Video

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Transfigure (2017)

Experimental Short, (2.52 mins) HD Video. Random Acts.

Mudshrimp (2021) 

Online installation, Analogue Image & Sound works. 

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Gullet Formations (2020) 

Digital sculptures

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Resemblance (2016)

Video installation (2.38 min loop) VTR displayed on 2 4:3 monitors, perspex. 

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