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Howgate Wonder (2023)  Short Film. 4:3.


Howgate Wonder' is a short experimental film which leans into the internal fantasy and personal fictions evoked by passed-down spoken word family stories. Through haptic media assemblage, the film transforms my father's recollection of the first ever 'Howgate Wonder' apple tree, which is said to have stood in the back garden. Seeking to visualise the missing tree, the expired Kodachrome Super 8 developed in apple skins is entangled with 3D digital wireframes, microscopic images, and 3D digital scans of collected tree debris. Decaying autumn leaves, broken images on deteriorating reels and fragmented spoken word intertwine to enkindle this ever-shifting myth and elusive form of the lost Howgate Wonder tree.


Developing 50ft Super 8 with Apple skins

The skins of 2 large apples 

1L water

80g soda crystals

20g vitamin c

30min, inverted every min at 21 degrees.

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