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Modest Shelters (2021)  Short Film, Super 8 & Digital scans. 


Modest shelters’ combines two fragile forms; digital scanographs and fragile sustainably developed super 8 footage to handle my collection of shells. The film emerges from spontaneous handling of collected objects and explores the personal fictions which emerge through touch. Small exoskeletons snatched from the shore, they clatter around in my palm, an assemblage of missing parts. 

This assemblage of broken image fragments celebrates the haptic possibilities of missing pieces and the capability of gaps to provoke personal fictions and internal encounters. I ponder on the missing in- habitants of the modest shelters, I imagine their own tactile relation to their homes, the colours they would use to decorate them.

Hungry fingertips graze silky velvet walls.

Fleshy limbs stretch out of a large sky light foraging for nutrients. 

A large staircase circles and spirals, enclosing many legs. 

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