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Mudshrimp (2021) 

Online installation, Analogue Image & Sound works. 

Swallow the images


Zoom into the images and feel around with your cursor.


Unearth shapes and objects and allow them passage inside to entangle with your own internal world.


Fill the gaps.


Capture the fictions which emerge.

First Light.jpg

Mudshrimp, is a series of work which invites spectators to swallow images for haptic encounters to evoke internal fantasy. Filmic and sonic fragments explore the surreal space of the artist's grandfather's shed where he handles his vast collection of tools and materials. 

Mudshrimp (2021) was exhibited online in 'Everything Forever' a virtual exhibition. The sound piece premiered on Montez Press Radio, within the 'Everything Forever Showcase'. 

In collaboration with 10 external partners, 90+ artists from around the globe share their stories in this three-week digital festival of recent works. Surreal, political, radical, tender - the works in this exhibition weave the real and imaginary, across genres and philosophies. A new generation experiments. Explore to see the works made using the elemental, glass and hand formed clay, to everyday resistance, performance, gesture spoken word poetry, dance, new writing, objects, AI, virtual worlds and augmented reality. Created as animation and short films, sound works and text.

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