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Hiding Places. (2021)  Short Film. 4:3.

Intergenerational collaboration as a means of assuaging the loss of work is exposed in Kathryn Attrill’s Hiding Places, in which the filmmaker’s celluloid practice entangles her grandfather’s prawn-fishing practice on the Isle of Wight, now lost due to environmental change. Voiceover testimonies are paired with peppermint-processed shades of blue in a poignant act of healing. - Alchemy Film Festival, (2022). 


Developing 50ft Super 8 with Peppermint

14 used peppermint teabags // dried mint

1L water

80g soda crystals

20g vitamin c

30min, inverted every min at 21 degrees.


Installation view. Cromwell Place. Photographed by Ollie Harrop.

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